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I am thinking this morning about the Wisdom traditions and the spiritual power of aphorisms: short sayings that excite the mind and provide a long-term stimulus for deeper reflection.

It occurs to me that it would be interesting and meaningful to try putting my beliefs and philosophy down on paper in this form as an exercise in using an economy of words to communicate ideas.

My ten aphorisms for today:

1. A few words from my Heart are better than paragraphs from my head.

2. If I have to ask myself if I’m happy, I’m not.

3. Good questions create more value than good answers.

4. I love therefore I am. I am therefore I am loved.

5. We can’t know the Mind of God, but people find no problem putting endless words in His mouth.

6. Churches are at their loveliest when they’re empty.

7. Great sex is perfect enlightenment. Imagine being that alert all the time!

8. By acquiring more than we need, we always need more than we’ve acquired.

9. Kindness is the currency of true wisdom.

10. In the pursuit of enlightenment there’s no hope of finding it. It’s hiding in plain sight.

What brief statements capture your convictions and give you pause?

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