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A line, a triangle, a circle, and a square,
These are on paper some forms to compare.

Pyramid, cube, cylinder, sphere,
This is how things really do appear.

Then to 4-folds, past sight to idea,
Imagining worlds of magic, quite near.

Polytropes dancing, tesseracts slide,
Hyperspheres gyrate with angels inside.

5-folds, 6- folds, then seven and more,
The Beloved invites us to come and explore.

The rooms of His temple are many, some hidden,
” Come join me, come rest,” we are lovingly bidden.

We struggle to do it, we tremble in fear,
No need to resist, our Great Lover is near.

In taking the leap and accepting the Call,
We leave well behind us the Flood and the Fall.

Then Home once again, at ease, and contented,
Our hesitant nature at last now relented.

A New dawn breaks,  a nova- luminous face,
Singing of infinity and hyperspace.

Consider form, shapes, those irregular and those bizarre. Imagine dimensions more than 3. Go back and play with compass and protractor, and know that you are in contemplation of infinite mystery.

We are made to do these things by our curious and creative nature, and that’s the surest sign of an open invitation and warm welcome.

Shall we then RSVP?

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