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They are the sign of an alive mind. They are the shepherds that draw us, when they are crafted well, to greater heights of thought and understanding, and they keep us from becoming too complacent in all the many things we think we know.

Assumptions are the scaffolding we erect to help us construct a path-forward in pursuit of our goals and objectives and they are legion. A well formed and powerful question ideally invites us to look more closely at what we assume lest we mistake them for undeniable and self-evident fact.

So, just before taking some lunch, I am thinking of the value a brief litany of questions can offer for the rest of my day  in guiding me toward a more thoughtful process  by which to examine what it is that I am assuming, and how I might elevate my sights to matters of Spirit.

How can I upgrade the qualities of my attention and awareness as the day progresses?

I begin with a simple litany of three questions:

  1. How do I understand what’s happening in my own world today? What is it I assume and what is it that I really know?
  2. Were this my last day, how would I live it assuming I that I continued to focus nonetheless on what I have scheduled to accomplish?
  3. What one thing do I strongly believe and on what grounds do I believe it? As a person who prides himself on reasoning thoughtfully and thinking clearly, have I earned the right to believe what I believe without hesitation?

What are the questions you are asking yourself today that can contribute to enhancing your own vigilance, discernment, and depth of understanding?

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