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When I was younger, I enjoyed performing many of the yoga postures smoothly and with ease, but over time, I have fallen out of practice. What I am rediscovering now is the power of simple yoga postures for those not in tip-top physical condition that can be used in gentle ways in just several minutes time.

It is a centering process and leads to rapid clearing and renewal. It almost immediately changes one’s mood and focuses the mind.

How is it best done?

In my hotel room, I slow down my breathing and become aware of physical sensations throughout the body. I then attempt to stand very steady, firmly rooted to the ground, and totally relaxed.

  • I then move slowly slide to side, shifting center of gravity and weight from one leg to the other while saying: ” As trees and reeds and flowers bend to the wind, I move with the breath.”
  • I stand tall, spine relaxed but straight while saying:” I open to the energy all around me, and in me, while holding the needs of another person in mind.”
  • While rolling my head very slowly  forward and then to the sides, clockwise and counterclockwise, without  strain, I say: ” My life is mystery, my soul embraces the silence of the Beloved.”
  • I then slowly twist my whole body from side to side without moving my legs : ” The Beloved bids me welcome.”

Repeating these simple moves and simple phrases two or three times, I feel refreshed and ready to turn in for the night.

When possible, adding other postures that do not stretch too far ( depending upon one’s physical condition) can be easily added. This subtle and easy yoga works over time to help restore health, inner harmony, flexibility and tranquility.

Slow & Easy

Slow & Easy

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