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All true journeys begin and end in the human heart.

What young Dorothy sought in the Emerald City was herself: the rising woman, bold, focused and unafraid. But first came the frightful storm, and perilous adventure past the homespun times and rhymes of childhood.

Her first sure-footed steps on the manicured yellow-brick road opened to ornament, frolic and song, fond well wishes and firm resolve. Buoyed by luminous vision, festooned with color and idealistic fervor, there then arrived the accompanying trio of soon to be friends: humble courage, caring intellect, and selfless compassion.

There can never truly be any well-rooted meaning absent purity of heart, fresh eyes, and unadulterated love.

With open heart, open arms and opened mind, of one such as Parsifal, can we too once again gaze upon Oz: our true home where we have always been, but of which we lost sight some time long ago. All the rest is idol fantasy.

So begins the way that leads to wisdom, traveling deep inside the pitch of mystery with nothing more than wonder. Curiosity charts the course ahead for our small yet resilient fellowship of friends ready to face the fiercest monsters.

Our Nation strains between the sirens’ songs that would lure us away from the true path. Let us stay alert, stay the course and strap ourselves firmly to the mast of our founding vision.

Let us resist all temptation away from the illumined way of unity, justice and amity. Arm clasping arm, let us listen for the song of Home and reclaim the rhyming time of childhood.

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