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As a Jungian psychologist and student of cognitive neuroscience, I am continuously awed by the capacity of those who can image vividly to quicken their own healing. Much research points to the benefits of using imagery as a complement to a medical regimen.

Hypnoanaethesia is a practice I have used in obstetrical contexts and in other cases of chronic pain. It is well established that many people can lessen their pain during dental procedures by use of hypnotic suggestion: a fact that many dentists leverage in their clinical work. This, too, involves exercising the theater of mind and heart. The same is true of the capacity to warm one’s hands or cool them by imagining conditions that would do so ( like dropping a hand in hot water or ice water).

As a Franciscan, I often image the “ Light of Christ” as entering my body and traveling head to toe. I wait to feel the heat as the light moves through all the cells and tissues of my body. As a form of prayer and opening of myself to the Spirit, I have found the practice deeply comforting.

In this time of global pandemic with all the collateral dislocations we are all experiencing, it is good to pause and travel interior space as we put greater ever greater space between us. Centering ourselves in this way can make the greater amount of time we now have with ourselves and family an opportunity: a time to feel reassured, and celebrate the profound gifts of imagination.

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