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In Daniel 2:1-19, King Nebuchadnezzar calls his astrologers and counselors together and demands that they interpret a troubling dream. Seemingly quite irrationally, he demands they interpret it without the benefit of knowing what it was. He asks three times and then orders their execution, along with all the other wise men in the community, for their insolent refusal to fulfill his seemingly bizarre demand.

On hearing what the King ordered, Daniel seeks a meeting with the King and them brings the situation to prayer. With his faith in God so grounded and deep, Daniel himself takes the matter into sleep and the answer is given him ” in a vision”.

In so many ways, Alice in Wonderland has something of the quality of this scriptural passage from Daniel. Alice could only unravel the mysteries of Wonderland by believing in impossible things. Impossibility is our arrogant judgement and the carbon monoxide of imagination and great discovery. Christ after all admonishes us to ” be again as little children”.

So, I am asking myself this morning: How many impossible things have I considered already before breakfast? Our powers of sight (insight, foresight and hindsight) can only be enhanced by such a mindset.

How about you?

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