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Brother Lawrence, Franciscan Friar, exhorts us in his “Practice of the Presence” to find the sacred in the very mundane like washing dishes, sweeping, and doing the laundry.

We have the chance every morning, regardless of how busy we may be, to do precisely this when it comes to showering, combing hair, shaving and brushing teeth. In fact, this last activity, brushing, we are told by dentists, to not rush or skimp on. I find it very diagnostic to reflect on my impatience with waiting the requisite number of seconds to be sure I am thorough.

Enter the sonic toothbrush! The one I was given stops ever so briefly to let you know it is time to move from the top set of teeth on the front side to the under side, etc. Well, it seems simply interminable!

So, here’s a great practice in being present and emptying mind of all the rushing ahead. Stay in the moment and wait the full time as measured by the brush.

I’ve been adding the Jesus Prayer from the Philokalia as I do so: ” Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy.” Of course, you can add your own mantra.

Good for the soul and good for oral hygiene – a twofer!

Give it a try.

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