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Live anywhere for more than a few years and it sets in. It becomes harder and harder to find new things to do. Habit cycles get established including favorite restaurants, television programs, visits to parks, museums, gardens, theaters, etc. Whatever the pace, many complain of simply being bored. They thirst for newness, fresh stimulation, a change of pace. Life has become less of an adventure and more of a rolling set of ritual actions, investments and activities. What is the answer to this gnawing sense of an inner hollow?

We need not look far. We are made nervous by silence and rush through many things to avoid it. It is the silence itself that holds the clues.

By just sitting, as the Zen practitioners refer to it, by attending to the present moment, we ironically catch sight of our powerful driving addictions. In catching them and pausing, we place distance between those acts of self-medication and our soul.

A daily diet of complete quiet is an ultimate medicine. We recover our own depths. The challenge is finding the quiet places. These are being crowded out in a world that mistakes constant movement for the good life. Slow down to really speed up. This is the paradox of meaning in the 21st century.

May our sanctuaries of stillness restore and revive our spirits and awaken true knowledge of ourselves and things as thy really are.

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