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1st Major Snowfall of 2009 in the Northeast

Our first snowstorm of the season has been a blizzard with a great deal of snow. G-d’s powdered sugar adorns all the trees. The Beloved inspires randomness in this spray of trillions of tiny crystals on the ground, buildings, and trees. Only the whimsy of the wind combined with the structure of frozen crystals can produce such exquisite images.

Any one crystal seemingly doesn’t matter much. It’s fall would very likely go unnoticed. But, when joined with a universe of others, it forms a pure and weighty blanket; a frozen community made up of miniscule fragile structures. When taken all together, it takes heavy plows, and intense shoveling labor to move the mountains of white.

All small things, unique, fragile, beautiful, and intelligently crafted in themselves, find their purpose in relationship to one another. Every flake matters as does every weave of fabric in a fine carpet.

Like a pointillist, the Beloved’s artistry on the scale of the large is best understood among the worlds of the very small.

“Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth. ”

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