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It’s been a long time since we’ve gone bowling. We recently found a place with some of the most modern lanes I’ve ever seen with surround music video projected on the side walls, and dedicated attendants to take orders for drinks and food.

I quickly found myself well out of good form. After a few gutter balls and wild throws, things started to get back on track. What was most interesting was to watch the wide range of physical movements people use to improve their own game, and trying on many differnet approaches myself.

It’s been said that the ball goes exactly where you throw it. So, being mindful of the body is critical: center of gravity and balance, speed of approach, swing of the arm, timing of release, and the spin and speed of the ball. What you’re thinking is also a key factor. Expectations of a bad throw raises the odds of one.

It took two games to get limbered up and in half-way decent form. As my game improved, so too was the degree of focus that I was bringing to the alignment of smooth body movements, focus on the intended trajectory of the ball and personal confidence.

Everything that happens, all events that occur and all that we do and think is intended for our enlightenment. Bowling is an especially demanding test of how just present we are in the moment while also providing a chance to have a great time with friends.

Having returned to the game after so many years, I think I’ll be going to the lanes a bit more often.

Happy Bowling.

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