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Monday, October 26, 2009

A diamond canopy over dark-washed air, in silence beats the Mind’s heart faster,

When Sons of Orion mark the time, and Jupiter serves as master.

Our gaze is no more out than in, and eyes close distance well past reason,

With a gift of light, the wayfarers’ rite, in this our ageless season.

In unseen corridors of the unknown real, weaving her  shaping calculus,

The Queen serene, sweet soft-indwelling, gives rise to scenes miraculous.

In fragrant scents of  knowing in us, a pillow’s down and warm embrace,

This cosmos seeming so forbiding, is in fact a Lover’s face.

As sailors on the changing seas, we chant our mystic psalm,

Reminding us that underneath, abides eternal calm.

Inside there is just One, outside, the dancing disparate,

But then, a touch of peace, a gentle kiss, behold, the infinite intimate.


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