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Walking on the road to Caesare’a Philip’pi, according to the Gospel of Mark 8:27-33, Jesus asks his disciples: “Who do men say that I am”? They answer variously, Elijah, John the Baptist, and one of  the prophets. Then, he refines the question, and raises the stakes: “Who do you say that I am”?

In seven powerful words, he invites the disciples to reveal their inmost thoughts and, in doing so, their state of openness and vision. This question reverberates in my thinking and draws me into the scene as I imagine my own response if he posed this question to me today, right now.

I would reply:

” You are the voice and touch of the Divine Heart, the Teacher of Righteousness, the face of the Beloved.”


whisper on the wind, saying, “come this way, be joyful;”

light on a clear night, lead the way to freedom.


I am afraid and cannot speak nor clearly see the path before me;

but sweet and gentle warmth consoles this fretful fever.


consumed with doubts and questions, yet I step into the night;

arms outstretched to clasp the Light that draws me ever nearer.


though I walk headlong in chance and awe, into this time’s enigma;

my heart awakens, eyes reach deep, into the Blessed Kerygma.

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