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Grey-tones in Heaven announce the sleeping-times:

I wander in dying leaves & wonder at the scene, deep saturated yellow, brown, red, amber, orange, and green.

A gift of consolation in dormant days and hollows, reminding of the birth, death, and resurrection that follows?

Persephone’s journey into darkness begun,  a time when seed and promise are sung.


Sadness on the air makes memory sweet,  of the splash of warm color  in five months we’ll greet;

When dull skies turn  bright , and flowers dance in the Light.

But now, bulbs and acorns, tempests, and chill, still a sacred opus there is to fulfill;

Moving a bit slower, gently I look, to the comforting pages of a warm-storied book.


Coloring now with palettes of Mind, a whispering inside me of wonders to find;

Textures of crystal, ice, pine-cones, and rain, mystical landscapes,  a Holy refrain.

Grey-tones above me, rainbows inside, stargazers counsel and poet’s confide;

Light of the World, world in the Light, for all who seek it, for all with true Sight.


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